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Hey, I'm new and my name is Sydney.

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1Hey, I'm new and my name is Sydney. Empty Hey, I'm new and my name is Sydney. on Sat Jun 07, 2008 3:53 pm

Edwards La tua cantante

Edwards La tua cantante
Gryffindor Student
Gryffindor Student
Hello Everyone, Let me start off by saying that I found out about this place from Camber. Very Happy

Ok,My Name is Sydney and I am a total Book Worm.(but not your typical book worm.) Twisted Evil

I am by no means a wallflower and not capable of approaching someone to have a conversation with.

My Favorite Book Series are:

1.The Twilight Saga
2.The Inheritance cycle
3.Harry Potter(They are only in third because I Read #2 First.)
4.The Wicked Lovely Books
5.The Kingdoms of Thorne & Bone series
6.A House of Night series

My Favorite Authors are:

1.Stephenie Meyer
2.Melissa Marr
3.Nicholas Sparks
4.Ann Rice
5.Alice Sebold
6.Jane Austen
7.The Bronte Sisters
8.Bram Stoker

I will not even mention stand alone books.(I have way to many)

I Love Music,I can't Live without it.Some of my favorites are:(in no particular order)

MUSE,Within Temptation,Evanescence,Black Rebel Motorcycle Club,Linkin Park,One Republic,The Hush Sound,Orgy,
Three Days Grace,Nine Inch Nails,Three Doors Down,Death Cab For Cutie,Lacuna Coil,Marilyn Manson,Soulidum,
Breaking Benjamin,Secondhand Serenade,Matchbox 20,Rob Thomas,Kill Hannah,Nickle Back,Blue October,Boys like Girls
The Bravery,Buck Cherry,Finger Eleven,Seether,Garbage,Justin Nozuka,Metro Station,My Chemical Romance,OK Go,
Placebo,Paramore,P!nk,Rooney,Santana,Savage Garden,Spice girls,Spill canvas,The Backstreet boys,Stone sour,and
there is Many Many More....I have Almost 200 cd's.

I think It is safe to say that I Have A WIDE range of favorite music.....BUT I can't Stand COUNTRY MUSIC.No offence to
country fans but I Absolutely hate it.
(And when I say I Can't Live without music,I mean it.My ipod is on from the time I wake up til the Time I fall Asleep, Very Happy
unless I'm at work. Crying or Very sad )

As For movies,it can Vary but I have some set in stone:

1.Twilight (When It's released)
2.10 things I hate about you(classic)
3.A knights tale
6.Lost Boys(total Classic)
7.All of the POTC movies
8.All of the Harry Potter movies(I love these movies,But the books are better)
9.The NoteBook
10.The underworld movies
11.Queen of the Damned
13.The Blade Trilogy
14.The Freddy Krueger Movies (I Love these movies,I grew up watching them)

So yeah that only alittle bit.

Oh and I'm really Into Tattoos,I have 6.And I just Got My BellyButton Pierced.

And In case you haven't noticed yet,I am addicted to anything Vampire,Werewolf,Witch,or just supernatural related.
It started when I was Little and as I got older it gets worse and worse.I'm 22 now so yeah I'm really addicted to that stuff

So thats my story Hope to talk to you soon!!! Very Happy

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2Hey, I'm new and my name is Sydney. Empty Re: Hey, I'm new and my name is Sydney. on Sun Jun 08, 2008 10:03 pm

Goodbye, I Love You

Goodbye, I Love You
Ravenclaw Student
Ravenclaw Student
Hey Sydney! Sorry I signed off on you yesterday... my internet connection is fudgiscled up and it wouldn't reconnect. Grgh. Anyways... I absolutely love Queen of the Damned!! Stewart Townshend was gorgeous in that; now he's old and ugly going out with Charlize Theron Sad See you around the boards!

Hey, I'm new and my name is Sydney. RavenclawBanner
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3Hey, I'm new and my name is Sydney. Empty Re: Hey, I'm new and my name is Sydney. on Fri Jun 13, 2008 5:53 pm


Hufflepuff Student
Hufflepuff Student
Hi Sydney! Just going around saying hey to everyone. And by the way I'm with you on the country music. I can't stand it either. It usually makes me feel stupid if I listen to it for too long (no offense country-fans!)

Also you're music and movie taste are great!

See you around the forums!

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4Hey, I'm new and my name is Sydney. Empty Re: Hey, I'm new and my name is Sydney. on Sun Jun 15, 2008 8:55 am


Slytherin Student
Slytherin Student
Hi Sydney:
Its me again :p, Alex

Just dropping by to say hi Very Happy

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