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Rules & Guidlines for the Room of Requirement

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1Rules & Guidlines for the Room of Requirement Empty Rules & Guidlines for the Room of Requirement on Sat May 17, 2008 11:53 pm


Gryffindor Student
Gryffindor Student
We are still a pretty small site so we are giving you guys pretty much free reign, So dont abuse that.

When Posting new Topics/Threads, please make sure there is not a thread of that Topic or similar to that Topic already so we can save space.

When Posting or Replying, please make sure that everything is PG-13, we do not have an official rating yet, so for now, PG-13 is okay, meaning that you do not post any adult language and/or topics.

Im still updating this, but you guys should have a good idea on right & wrong.

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