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Hello, Everyone

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Arriving on Privet Drive
Dia dhuit, or hello (god to you) in Gaelic, the native tongue or Ireland.
My name is Crystal, I'm not from Ireland, I'm American, but I am fascinated with my ancestry which stems from Ireland as well as England, Scotland, Wales, and all across Europe. I found this site because it is one of my hidden fantasies to have my own room of requirement. Or not so secret anymore...

I like Victorian Style clothing including corsets, romance shirts, petticoats, Victorian "gothic" style coats, cloaks, ect. And I'm obsessed with hats; I am going to be a hatter, as well as a designer and artist. the Moonscape I have as my avatar I painted myself. It has since been destroyed, and the sides of the painting are lost forever, It was a longer painting originally. I found my true home, not many people do, a place where I am inspired to paint, live, and be myself, where I can have more days that I can be normal. My health and happiness are contingent upon the weather, while it is rainy and overcast I feel like I'm one with the universe, Very Happy I'm happy and pain-free, inspiration comes in tenfold. But where I am currently, sunny is the norm, and my body can't take it. Hence, dream place, now only I could controll my own fate, instead of waiting for someone to save me... It's real, now I just need to obtain it...

Where's magic when you need it? (Rhetorical Question)

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